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NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Sidr Flowers only. CONSISTENCY: Smooth, viscous, rich and moderately thick. COLOUR: Medium to dark a

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AED 150AED 300

NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Sidr Flowers only. TASTE: Sweeter than other honey AROMA: Unique and delicate exotic aroma

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AED 1859

Authentic Royal Sidr Honey, Made and Harvested in Yemen! Premium Yemeni Sidr honey is known for its potent therapeutic properties Traditionally produced by our industrious and di

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AED 900

Sumar honey is one of the best types of Yemeni honey. Samar honey is extracted from the nectar of the flowers of the Samar tree (Al-Talh). Perennials that grow in desert environmen

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AED 150AED 450

Its color is dark amber, its taste is unique, which tends to be lemon, has a beautiful taste that stays in the mouth longer time, and its distinctive aromatic fragrance is reflecte

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AED 150

Multi-flower honey is collected from a variety of crops, flowers, and herbs. It ranges in color from light to dark brown. The honeys' flavor, color and health benefits are largely

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Our mission

Our mission is to let the people discover the varieties and benefits of raw, organic, pure and all-natural Honey that is free of all preservatives and commercial processing. Having studied about all the potential benefits that honey holds We took it as a mission to source the most pure honey in its natural state and make it available for our customers. It requires passion dedication delicacy and great knowledge to understand true beekeeping. We pour our best passion for delicious honey into every jar you receive. We strongly believe in the healthful benefits of honey and give our promise that our delivered honey is solely natural, 100% pure, and of exceptional quality.

“One word DELICIOUS! From packaging to taste everything is perfect. Best honey in town and definitely will be ordering more. Thank you for the best product and excellent service.”
Abdul Haq Azmi
"My experience from Almasar Honey is awesome,ordered Sidr honey and I just loved it keep up the good work."
Abd al-Uzza. Biologist

HONEY How It's Made

types of honey

Learn more about some of the products we take special pride in.


Raw honey

A natural immunity booster Boosts energy levels in the body Fights free radical damage It has antibacterial and antifungal properties


Harniva honey

Acacia Honey is a type of honey created by collecting the flower essences of the Acacia tree, which is in the natural vegetation of the Eastern Black Sea region.


Yemeni Honey

Sumar honey is one of the best types of Yemeni honey. Samar honey is extracted from the nectar of the flowers of the Samar tree (Al-Talh).



Honeycomb can be eaten as a whole food, spread on toast, broken over Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and walnuts or used as an investing

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